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Public Participation

Jack wants to ensure that every person has a voice at City Hall.

Affordable Housing

Jack believes that everyone deserves a safe place to live, at an affordable price.


Jack believes that a well-connected city is an equitable one.

Growth Management

Jack thinks that we should all have a say in how our City grows, not just developers and well-connected insiders.

Economic Development

Jack supports investing in modernizing our local infrastructure and transportation networks, strengthening our workforce, and enhancing the quality of life of all residents.

Accountability & Ethics

Jack believes public service is a public trust; our government should be community-led and accountable to the people.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Jack believes in a City that welcomes everyone regardless of their identity or who they love.

Health & Wellness

Jack understands that our health is affected by access to things like healthy and local food, public safety, parks and recreational programming, transportation options, and affordable housing.


Jack chose to live in Tallahassee after graduating from FSU, and she has a keen appreciation for what makes Tallahassee special.

Public Safety

Jack believes that the safety of those we love is our highest priority.


Jack understands that our neighborhoods are what makes us special.

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